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Luzhu (Pork Tripe Hamburger)

Luzhu is a famous local specialty in Beijing. It originates from Nanheng Street in Southern Beijing. The Huoshao (baked wheaten cake) is cut into crisscrosses, tofu is cut into triangular shapes, and small pork intestines and lung are cut into small pieces. Next, two ladles of fine soup are added from the pot to the ingredients, before, based on personal preferences, mashed garlic, pepper oil, fermented bean curd, caraway, leek flower paste and so on are added.

The ingredients of Luzhu have a strong and salty flavor. The Huoshao is juicy yet not sticky. The meat is easy to chew yet not falling apart. This dish is well loved by the people of Beijing. To make a good dish of Luzhu, the soup should be fresh, the meat should have no abnormal odor and the Huoshao should be chewy.

It is said that over 100 years ago during the Qing Dynasty, as dishes made of marbled pork were so expensive that commons used pork head meat and tripe as substitutes. As time passed, the skilled folk cooks spread and improved the dish and finally created the dishes Luzhu and Huoshao. As a folk delicacy, Luzhu is well loved by Beijing residents. Some authentic Beijing residents like to eat Luzhu while chatting in a store in a lane.

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