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Fried Boiled Pork with Black Fungus

Fried Boiled Pork with Black Fungus is the most famous traditional dish of the Han Dynasty. Originating from the Ming Dynasty, it used to be a famous dish for feudal officials and is a representative of Jin cuisine. Later, it was spread into the people of Taiyuan.

"Fried Boiled Pork with Black Fungus" can be eaten in Jiangsu Province, Shanghai, and Zhejiang Province, however, in Shanxi is unique, the dish is unique in terms of ingredient selection and method of production, which have rich local features of the region.

The dish is named for its "frying" technique and special for its "vinegar" flavor. Selected lean meat is wrapped up by starch and eggs and fried, stir-fried with natural black fungus, mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots. When it is finished, the color of the dish is golden and bright, which tastes salty with the smell of vinegar. With a soft outer surface and tender inside, the meat is not thick or thin and only slightly oily.

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