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Tianjin-Style Jianbing Guozi

“Jianbing Guozi” (a Pancake Stuffed With Deep-fried Dough Sticks) is a typical breakfast for people in Tianjin. Although the snack has spread all over China, the most authentic Jianbing Guozi can only be found in Tianjin, and the most authentic Jianbing Guozi in Tianjin has to be made of mung bean flour. A ladle of paste is poured and spread out on the pan, then an egg is added on top. At just the right time, a Guozi (Deep-fried Dough Stick) or crisp fritter (bo cui) is added. The aroma of this breakfast that gives off a slight taste of burnt paste and egg is stimulating in the mornings.

What makes Tianjin-style Jianbing Guozi so special is its fine selection of ingredients. First, forming the breakable mung bean paste into a complete pancake is something that Tianjin locals excel at. Second, the crisp fritter must be deep-fried to the right degree, to achieve that perfect crispness without being soft. Even the shredded scallion used must be from local Shandong scallion stalks. Care and attention to these details makes Tianjin-style Jianbing Guozi really delicious.

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