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Harbin Red Sausage

Red Sausage originates from Eastern Europe. After the construction of the Middle East Railway, the Red Sausage production process was introduced to Harbin from Russia. After more than a hundred years of development, Harbin Red Sausage gradually became a local specialty after being improved to suit local tastes.

The main ingredients for producing Red Sausage are meat, animal casings, starch, garlic, salt and nitrate. The sausage meat generally consists of 1/2 lean pork and 1/3 pork fat, to which starch and spices are added.

Harbin Red Sausage is purplish red in appearance with a uniform size and a dry surface. It’s salty with flavors of smoke and garlic, and its skin gives it a crispy texture. The sausage can be eaten on its own without preparation, and can also be used to make pizza, fried rice and noodles.

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