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Dalieba is a transliteration of the word for “bread” in the Russian language and was introduced to Harbin from Russia. Through continuous development and improvement over the years of the production process and taste, the dalieba loaf has become a famous specialty of Harbin.

The loaf’s outer crust is dry and hard but inside, the dough is soft and rich in dietary fiber. Due to its hard crust, the loaf is easy to store. To make the loaf, add yeast, hops, salt and other spices to flour, and then ferment the dough three times, after which the dough is baked in an oven fired by a special type of basswood.

Harbin’s most famous Qiulin loaf is 23-26 centimeters long, 16 centimeters thick, weighs in at around 2 kg, and is more highly leavened than ordinary bread. There are a variety of ways to eat the loaf. You can spread some cheese, sausage and caviar on it, or hollow it out and put seafood soup in it, or you can eat it with sausage while drinking Kvass or vodka.

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