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Russian Cuisine

Russian cuisine is a unique symbol of Harbin. Both Russian dishes and architectural styles add to the exotic feeling of the city. If you want to eat the most authentic Russian dishes in China, you must go to Harbin, which is known as the “little Paris of the East”.

Harbin’s Russian Cuisine has a history of nearly a hundred years. At the end of the 19th century, a large number of Russians moved across the border into China, bringing with them Russian dishes and ushering in the rapid rise of Russian Cuisine in Harbin.

When you walk in the high streets and back lanes, you can see the exotic styles all around you. Harbin’s Russian cuisine is unique and authentic in taste, and allows you to enjoy classic Russian food without the need to go to Russia. Russian Cuisine is a signature dish of Harbin. Today, new western-style foods have become more modern, intricate, and healthy.

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