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Oil Rotary Cake

Oil Rotary Cake, also known as "Youxuanhui," is a famous food in Jinan, Shandong Province. At the beginning, the flavor of the cake was sweet in Southern China. To fit the dietary habits of northerners of China, the flavor was gradually turned salty by the Xu brothers.

Oil Rotary Cake features crisp skin, tender meat, and the fragrance of green onions. It got its name due to its spiral shape and golden surface. Oil Rotary Cake has been inscribed on the "second batch of intangible cultural heritage in Shandong Province, China." The cake is either round or oblong. Most locals like to eat it while it's hot with a bowl of chicken wonton. It’s cheap and delicious.

If you poke a hole after it is done and crack an egg into it, and then put it into the oven for a while, it will taste more delicious when the eggs and Oil Rotary Cake become one.

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