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"Cuihua, bring the sauerkraut!” goes the line in a famous Northeast Chinese comedy sketch. When Chinese people think of Northeast Chinese cuisine, sauerkraut is often the food that they are most familiar with. Northeast Chinese sauerkraut is made from a special kind of Chinese cabbage that is good at withstanding the harsh weather of the region. There is an old saying that "a hundred dishes are not as good as Cabbage".

The sour and simple sauerkraut is also a metaphor for the culture of Northeast China. Traditional ways of eating sauerkraut are to add it to meat stews, stir-fry dishes, dumplings, and hotpots. But no matter how it’s used, it’s always a delicious addition.

Sauerkraut can be used as an appetizer, a flavorful side dish for eating rice, and also as a seasoning for making other dishes. Sauerkraut is divided into Northeast Chinese sauerkraut, Sichuan sauerkraut, Guizhou sauerkraut, Yunnan Fuyuan sauerkraut, with each regional variation tasting different to others. Chinese sauerkraut refers to all varieties of pickled vegetables used in Chinese cuisine.

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