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Sweet Congee

Sweet Congee, commonly known as spiced Sweet Congee, is a salty porridge made mainly from millet that is very popular locally. Among the numerous snacks of Jinan, Sweet Congee is the most unique specialty. There are many people are willing to line up in the morning waiting for a bowl of delicious hot Sweet Congee.

Sweet Congee is actually not sweet at all, it is a salty porridge. Sweet Congee is transliterated and read by the Chinese characters "Tianshenme." People in Jinan commonly call it the "Five Spice Sweet Congee." It is made from millet flour, vermicelli, cowpeas, peanuts, spiced dried tofu, and spinach. Sweet Congee is rich in dietary fiber after cooked. It is not only nutritious, but also tastes sweet. It is very suitable to eat for breakfast and many ingredients can be added to it, including tofu, vegetables, and bean noodles. 

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