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Crab Feast

From September to October is when hairy crabs appear on the market. The creamy crab insides are golden and oily, while the crab flesh full and sweet. If you want to pick a fine crab, just remember these two lines, “Eat female crabs in September, when the roe is full and the flesh thick; eat male crabs in October, when the creamy insides are rich and the flesh firm.”

Speaking of the hairy crab, there is a must-visit restaurant in Shanghai: Wangbaohe Restaurant. It was first built in the ninth year of the reign of the Qianlong Emperor, and well known for its freshwater hairy crab and Wangbaohe rice wine. Steaming is the best way to cook the crab. The crab tastes tender and fine. It goes best with ginger shreds and warmed rice wine.

The crabs remain the same, but crab-based dishes are numerous. In terms of eating crab, people in Shanghai show their rich creativity and imagination. The inheritance and evolvement of the crab-based dishes further shows the character and spirit of this city. People get not only a taste of the hairy crab itself, but also a taste of Shanghai.

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