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Goubuli Baozi

Goubuli Baozi (steamed dumplings) is a traditional Tianjin specialty that is considered the best of the city’s “Three Top Specialties”. As one of China’s most time-honored snacks and the most famous delicacy in Tianjin, the art of cooking Goubuli Baozi has been passed down from the Qing Dynasty to the present, with a history of over one hundred years. In November 2011, the State Council published the third State-Level Intangible Cultural Heritage List, with the “traditional craftsmanship of cooking Goubuli Baozi” included as an item.

Goubuli Baozi features a fine selection of ingredients, a thin outer layer and rich stuffing. They are famous for their multiple folds and delicate appearance. Each baozi has at least 15 folds. Goubuli Baozi is generally stuffed with fresh pork, but also comes stuffed with the three delicacies (san xian), seafood, braised pork in brown sauce and vegetables, for a total of 98 varieties in six main categories.

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