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Dried Tofu Shreds with Prawn

Dried Tofu Shreds with Prawn has been famous for years. It is a traditional delicacy in the Nanjing area and is usually prepared in tea houses.

Boiled Dried Tofu Shreds uses dried white tofu that is two cun across and less than one cun thick, specially made in tofu shops. The dried tofu must be tender yet sturdy and dried to a certain degree. First, the dried tofu is sliced into 36 to 42 pieces, and then cut into shreds that are as thin as hairs that could fit through a needle eye. The process of making this dish is very particular in terms of the process and ingredients.

Dried Tofu Shreds with Prawn is boiled in chicken soup and cooked high quality prawns from lakes and then put on ginger shreds as thin as hairs. It is then topped with sesame oil. The aroma is both inviting and appetizing, making it the best dried tofu dish in Nanjing.

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