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Ground Chicken and Fish Lips

Ground Chicken and Fish Lips is a famous traditional dish of Fuzhou and part of Min Cuisine. After removing the fishy odor, the sea fish lips are marinated in Shaoxing wine. When the ground chicken soup is ready, the fish lips are added and baked. Before it is served, chopped ham is sprinkled on top.

The color of the dish is clear white. The fish lips are soft and glutinous and full of collagen and the ground chicken tasty and fresh. It’s a main course of high level banquets, as well as a common soup dish at celebratory banquets in the Fuzhou area. When people get sick of sweet and light flavors, a sour and spicy dish freshen up their taste buds again.

This dish is quite popular and can be found in all fancy restaurants in Fuzhou.

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