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Kouweixia (taste cray)

Kouweixia (taste cray), also called spicy cray, is a delicacy of Hunan. Years back, it became popular on Jiaoyu Street and the Nanmen junction, and later spread across the city and even the province.

The cray used for Kouweixia used to be originally from North America, but now are from rivers, lakes, and ponds in China. The color of Kouweixia is red and the taste is fresh and spicy, which makes the dish popular among the people in Changsha who like strong flavors.

As people from Hunan promote Xiang Cuisine all over China, especially through the publicity of the Hunan TV station, spicy crays (Kouweixia) became really popular. A lot of celebrities who came to Hunan for shows would try spicy crays. By the end of the 20th century, spicy crays had become popular all over China and a classic street food to go with beer in summer nights.

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