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Hongshan Flowering Stalk

The Hongshan Flowering Stalk is commonly known as the Purple Flowering Stalk. It is a "national treasure" agricultural product in Wuhan. It is regarded as one of the two famous dishes in Wuhan together with the Wuchang Fish.

It looks like rape, and it has rich nutrition. It is one of the home cooked dishes in spring and winter in Wuhan. It also is a geographical indication protection product in China. Its stem is fat and leaves are tender. It was a well-known vegetable in the Tang Dynasty in China.

In Wuhan, it is said that the Flowering Stalk that was only planted in the soil in the bell area of Hongshan Bao Tong Temple was the one to be transported to the Emperor. The hilly land behind Wuchang Yamao Square was named the "vegetable land for the Emperor".

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