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Pine Nut-shaped Fish

Pine Nut-shaped Fish is a traditional dish in Guangdong Province, China. It belongs to the Guangdong Cuisine of China, and is improved from “Squirrel-shaped Fish” (it is a kind of Jiangsu Cuisine and Zhejiang Cuisine). The two dishes have similar taste and shape (it tastes sour, sweet and delicious, and it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside), so some people often think that Pine Nut-shaped Fish is Squirrel-shaped Fish, but actually the two dishes are different.

The flesh of the fish is shaped like pine nuts, hence the name “Pine Nut-shaped Fish”. A fillet of grass carp is used as the main ingredient. This dish tastes very crisp, delicious, sour, and sweet. Meanwhile, this cuisine conforms to the custom that European people avoid rat, and is popular with European visitors. Characteristics of this dish include a beautiful appearance and sour and sweet taste, therefore, it is ordered at various high-end banquets.

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