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Shaowei (Roasted Meat)

Shaowei (Roasted Meat) is a kind of roasted food in the Guangdong cuisine of China. It is very popular in the cuisine of Guangdong Province. Shaowei (Roasted Meat) includes sliced cold chicken, soy sauce chicken, roast pork, roast suckling pig, roast duck, roast goose, galantine boneless pork shank, etc. Roast duck and roast goose are two kinds of classic Hong Kong style Shaowei (Roasted Meat). It has delicious and crisp skin and tender, fresh and sweet meat. The taste is better if it is eaten with sauce.

Sometimes, Shaowei (Roasted Meat) is called Shaola, but actually there is a difference between the two. A “Shaola” restaurant in Hong Kong will also sell cured meats in fall and winter except roasted meats. Shaola has lost elements of cured meats, and it became a synonym of Shaowei (Roasted Meat) after it’s being spread to other parts of China.

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