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Wild Mushroom Hotpot (Yeshengjun Huoguo)

Wild Mushroom Hotpot is a delicacy particular to Yunnan Province. Chuxiong Wild Mushroom Hotpot is one of the six famous dishes of Yunnan, with natural ingredients and a delicious taste, it is a favorite amongst diners.

There are nearly 30 kinds of wild mushrooms such as collybia albuminosa, matsutake, bolete, chanterelle, laorentou, bamboo fungus, etc., in this dish. All of them can be stir-fried as well as boiled in the hotpot according to customers’ preference.

Old mushroom soup is used as the base for Wild Mushroom Hotpot, and is made by stewing more than 7 kinds of dry sliced wild mushrooms plus other ingredients high in calcium for 7 hours. You can eat the dish with a mushroom plate (made by baking and frying dry mushrooms after rehydrating them and then adding capsicum). This won’t take away of the wild mushrooms’ taste, and will allow diners to enjoy the heat and spiciness they expect.

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