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Air-dried Beef Jerky

Air-dried Beef Jerky is also called Inner Mongolian Beef Jerky, Inner Mongolian Air-dried Beef Jerky, or Air-dried Beef. It is a specialty of Inner Mongolia which has a high reputation throughout China.

Inner Mongolia is the birthplace of grassland culture. Over 800 years ago, Genghis Khan began his conquest of the west, and in order to reduce the weight his army carried, he ordered the beef be air-dried, making it easy to carry, whilst retaining the nutrients contained in beef, which is why it’s also called “Genghis Khan’s military provisions".

Air-dried Beef Jerky is favored because of its rich nutritional value. Medical research now shows that it is extremely rich in protein and amino acids which humans require every day. It is also beneficial to the elderly and children when recovering from illness.

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