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Yanmenguan Pass Scenic Area

Yanmenguan Pass is an important section of the Great Wall, one of the World Cultural Heritages. It is famous for its steepness and is honored as the “First Pass in China”.

Yanmenguan Pass along with Ningwuguan Pass and Piantouguan Pass are called the “Three Outer Passes” of the inner Great Wall. Here you can overlook the mountains rolling into the distance and walls and towers of the Yanmenguan Pass built on the steep cliffs, making the Yanmenguan Pass a most favored place by military strategist of all ages.

Travel Tips

Address:In the Yanmen Mountain 20km north of Dai County, Shanxi Province

Transportation:You can rent a car in Daizhou, or you can take the bus to Datong/ Shanyin, and then walk to your destination.

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