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Jianglang Mountain – Nianbadu Scenic Area

Jianglang Mountain – Nianbadu Scenic Area consists of the Jianglang Mountain, Nianbadu Ancient Town and Qingyang Village. The main part of the scenic area is 17.98km2. Jianglang Mountain – Nianbadu Scenic Area has rich tourism resources which integrates karst landform, ancient constructions and the Mao’s Culture. It is a World Natural Heritage as well as a National Park of China.

Travel Tips

Address:Jianglang Mountain: Jianglang Township, Shimen Town, Jiangshan, Quzhou, Zhejiang Province Nianbadu Ancient City: Nianbadu Ancient City, Jiangshan, Quzhou, Zhejiang Province

Transportation:There is a shuttle bus between the Jiangshan High-speed Railway Station and Jianglang Mountain – Nianbadu Scenic Area. The bus departs at 8:30, 10:30, 13:00 and 15:00 every day.

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