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Jingyue Lake

Jingyue Lake is shaped like a crescent moon. Jingyue Lake Forest Park, the largest of its kind in Changchun, has lush trees and fresh air. Visitors can walk along the lake and enjoy the natural beauty of the reservoir dam. Visitors can also walk along the wooden walkway in the forest and soak up its beauty. On the south shore of Jingyue Lake is an area designated by its beauty where you can walk through the dense forest and inhale the purest air. There is a place to bask in the beauty of the forest west of Jingyue Lake, where people often have picnics and camp. In addition, Jingyue Lake Ski Resort, North Putuo Temple, and other attractions can also be found in the park.

Of course, it’s a pleasant experience to go boating on the lake and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Travel Tips

Address:Nanguan District, Changchun City, Jilin Province (18 km from the downtown area)

Transportation:Take LRT-3 and get off at the Jingyue Park station.

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