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Qiandao Lake

The Qiandao Lake scenic area, a national key scenic area, is located in Chun’an County, Hangzhou. Qiandao Lake, which means lake of 1,000 islands, got its name because of the 1,078 green islands in it. The lake has a shoreline of 2,200 km and is like a golden belt floating between green mountains and clear waters. Its area is more than 3,000 times larger than that of West Lake, and it is known as the “Backyard Garden of the Yangtze River Delta.”

The water in Thousand-island Lake is crystal clear. It is as green silk in shallow areas while as blue as the sea in deeper areas. When tourists come to Thousand-island Lake, they become enchanted by its beauty. The taste of the water is light yet slightly sweet, like dew from a mountain spring.

In 2009, Thousand-island Lake was listed by the World Records Association with its 1,078 islands as the lake with most islands in the world. Average depth of Thousand-island Lake is 34 meters, with a water visibility of 9 to 12 meters. As a National Category I body of water, it is the source of the world famous brand, Nongfu Springs. Thousand-island Lake is known as the “most beautiful body of water in the world.”

Travel Tips

Address:Qiandaohu Town, Chun’an County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Transportation:Take the bus from Hangzhou West Bus Station or Huanglong Tourism Transportation Center to Qiandao Lake.

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