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Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street

Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street (Guwenhua Jie) gathers the most famous old shops and craftwork stores in Tianjin. Upon the southern entrance archway is hung a giant horizontal board with the words “Jin Men Gu Li” (hometown of Tianjin people), marking a dwelling that existed here 800 years ago.

Along the relatively short ancient street, there are around 100 stores. Most of which are time-honored shops in Tianjin and full of rich folk characteristics. When visiting, you can not only taste authentic Goubuli Baozi (steamed dumplings), Tianjin-style Jianbing (Pancakes Stuffed with Deep-fried Dough Sticks) and Tianjin-style Mahua (Deep-fried Dough Twist), but also appreciate painted clay sculptures by “Clay Figure Zhang”, Yangliuqing nianhua (woodcut New Year pictures) and even make a variety of kites yourself at “Kite Wei”.

Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street is a site many visitors yearn to visit. It is a perfect tourist destination throughout the year, especially from April to November.

Travel Tips

Address:Guloubei, Nankai District, Tianjin City

Transportation:1. Subway: Take Subway Line 2 and get off at the Dongnanjiao Station. 2. Bus: Get off at Dongbeijiao, Beichengjie or Dongmalu stops and walk the rest of the way on foot.

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