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Penglai Pavilion

Penglai Pavilion is located in Yantai, Shandong Province. It stands on a seaside cliff in northern Penglai and is often shrouded with clouds and mist. It is one of the four famous ancient Chinese pavilions. In the Penglai Pavilion complex, the pavilions, terraces and towers are arranged to form an ingenious, unique pattern.

Today, Penglai Pavilion has developed into a scenic area and holiday resort integrating natural beauty, historical sites, cultural landscapes, as well as leisure and entertainment. The ancient Penglai Pavilion complex is its central axis, Penglai Water City and Tianheng Mountain are its two flanks, and the four cultures (immortal culture, martial art culture, port culture, and marine culture) make up its cultural significance. The whole scenic area consists of more than twenty attractions, including Danya Mountain, the Yellow and Bohai Seas, Penglai Water City, Penglai Pavilion, Dengzhou Museum, Ancient Ship Museum, Tianheng Mountain, Hehai Pavilion, and the boundary of the Yellow and Bohai Seas.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 7, Yingbin Road, Penglai City, Shandong Province

Transportation:Penglai Pavilion is serviced by most local bus lines. Take the bus in Penglai to Penglai Pavilion station or entrance and walk two minutes to the destination.

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