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Jingpo Lake

Jingpo Lake, literally a lake “as level and clear as a mirror,” is a little more than 100 kilometers from Mudanjiang City.

Jingpo Lake is an s-shaped, winding lake that is dotted with islands of varied sizes. The eight most famous views in the lake are like eight glamorous pearls inlaid on a ribbon in the midst of thick foliage. Jingpo Lake is untouched, natural, charming and uniquely beautiful. Each bend and twist along its shore opens up on an enchanting view. It features blooming flowers in the spring, sentient water in the summer, red leaves in the autumn and serene snow in the winter. Each season offers different scenery that is unforgettable and makes people feel sentimental. The water rolls and roars over the lava lake bed, and rushes towards the deep pool like a mighty force before jumping off a precipice into a round pool. The foamy waves are like floating clouds and snow drifts, sending a white mist into the air. The torrential water is like the Milky Way pouring down or a piece of white silk dancing in the air, releasing a thunderous sound. The waterfall is more than 40 meters wide and 12 meters high. During rainy or flood seasons, the waterfall will become several strands and spread to a total width of more than 200 meters.

Travel Tips

Address:Ning’an, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province

Transportation:Coaches go directly to the main scenic area from Mudanjiang Railway Station every day.

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