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Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum

Shenyang Imperial Palace is one of the best-preserved imperial palaces in China, second only to the Forbidden City in Beijing. Located in Shenyang’s Shenhe District, the city center during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the palace represents the highest artistic achievement of early Manchu palace building, and embodies the unique historical and cultural traits of the early period of Manchu rule.

Shenyang Imperial Palace was built in 1625 and used by Nurhachi and his son, Emperor Hong Taiji, the founder of the Qing dynasty. After the capital was moved to Beijing, the palace became a temporary imperial palace used by the emperor when inspecting and making sacrifices at the tombs of tribal ancestors in Northeast China. The palace is the last surviving example of a regional ethnic minority palace, and integrates Manchu, Han, Mongolian and Xizang architectural styles, and is a typical and valuable example of historical palace architecture in China.

Travel Tips

Address:No.171 Shenyang Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

Transportation:Take bus route 117, 118, 132, 140, 213, 222, 228, 257, 276, 287, 290, 292, 294, 296, or the ring road bus to the Imperial Palace station, then walk 5 minutes to arrive at the palace.

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