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The Finest Spring under Heaven

The Finest Spring under Heaven is located in the center of Jinan and is made up of "one river (the Moat), one lake (Daming Lake), three springs (Baotu Spring, Heihu Spring, and Five Dragon Pool Spring), and four parks (Baotu Spring Park, Around the City Park, Five Dragon Pool Park, Daming Lake Park).

The Finest Spring under Heaven is the core of the scenic spot, where a spring becomes a river and then converges into a lake, and is dependent with Ming Ancient City. The springs, rivers, lakes, and city are integrated as a whole to concentrically show the unique spring water scenery. In addition to the wonderful natural scenery, the profound cultural heritage, and the springs, lakes and rivers, there are still more than 200 cultural landscapes and architectural oddments as well as over 20 important cultural buildings.

Travel Tips

Address:Downtown Jinan

Transportation:Take bus 11, 41, k109, k54, k95, or k98 to Daming Lake station and then arrive at the Daming Lake Scenic Spot.

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