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Qianfo Mountain

The Qianfo Mountain scenic spot in Jinan is located in southeast of the city in Shandong Province. It is known as the three scenic attractions in Jinan together with the Baotu Springs and Daming Lake.

Qianfo Mountain is densely wooded and about 285 m above sea level with rising and falling ridges and peaks. The scenery is magnificent, not only does the ecological landscape have charming views of water and an original broad-leaved forest, but it also includes many scenic spots and historic sites. For example, Xingguo Temple is built on Qianfo Mountain, which includes the Mahavira Hall, the Guanyin Temple, the Maitreya Hall, and the Duihua Pavilion. There are more than 130 Buddhas of the Emperor Sui Kai years south of Qianfo Cliff. The Longquan Cave, Jile Cave, Qianlou Cave, and Lüzu Cave can be found from east to west on the cliff. In 1995, the scenic spot of Qianfo Mountain was designated as one of the top seven scenic spots in Shandong Province.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 18 Jing Shiyi Road, Lixia District, Jinan

Transportation:Take bus No. 2, 48, 64, 85, k51, k54, k56, tour 66, or tour 68 to the North Gate, West Gate, or East Gate of Qianfo Mountain.

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