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Jinci Temple

Located in the Xuanweng piedmont southwest of Taiyuan, the Jinci Temple is a key cultural relic protection unit. The most famous building of the Jinci Temple is Saint Mother's Hall, which is built in the Tiansheng period of the Song Dynasty (AD 1023 - 1032).

The Never Aging Spring, Statue of Maid, and the Virgin Statue are honored as the "Three Wonders of the Jinci Temple." Since the establishment of New China, a national leader once came to visit Jinci Temple.

The Jinci Temple is near the mountains and the rivers and has a splendid landscape, which is famous for its magnificent architecture and superb sculpture arts. It is a unique and precious historical culture heritage site combining with Chinese ancient sacrificial architecture, gardens, sculptures, murals and inscription arts. It is also the center of world architecture, gardens and sculpture art.

Travel Tips

Address:Jinci Town, Jinyuan District, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

Transportation:Take self-service buses 308, 856, or 804 from Taiyuan to the Jinci Temple

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