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Baoyuan Vinegar Mill in Qingxu, Taiyuan

The Baoyuan Vinegar Mill in Qingxu adopts an architecture style of blue bricks, gray tiles and ancient wood carving. It is rebuilt on the basic of Baoyuan Mill Site by Shanxi Shuita Vinegar Co., Ltd. in 2006. It is a special scenic spot combining science and education, vinegar culture exhibitions, tourism, and taste testing.

In the scenic spot, the sight of ancient vinegar brewing from raw materials to steaming, fermentation, fuming, drenching, and aging appears in the mature vinegar brewing technique exhibition hall. In addition, it restores vinegar brewing appliances, tools and clothes into the features and styles of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The two exhibition halls of farming culture and vinegar culture have collected the farming tools and a mass of ancient books related to vinegar techniques and culture from every period of Chinese history, which fully show the profound historical and cultural deposits of Shanxi mature vinegar.

Travel Tips

Address:Yangfang North Road, Qingxu County, Taiyuan

Transportation:Take bus 905 from Taiyuan to Taiyuan Yingxian Coal-carbonization Group Co., Ltd., and then take a taxi to the scenic spot.

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