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Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction

Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction is located in the hometown of Marshal Ye Jianying -- Yanyang Town of Meixian County. It is an ecological agriculture demonstration base and a tourist resort integrating tea production, ecological public welfare forest transformation, landscaping, sightseeing, and vacationing. The theme of the scenic area is Hakka culture, tea culture, and eco-tourism culture.

The attractions and facilities in the scenic area mainly include the Yannanfei Magic Stone, Yannanfei Avenue, Tourist Center, Tea Court, Tea Ceremony Performances, Swordsman Waterfall, Longna Mountain Ecological Valley, Celestial Tea Pavilion, and a high-end villa zone. Here, visitors can enjoy original Hakka folk song and dance performances, sample Hakka delicacies, or enjoy the graceful tea ceremony performance amidst blooming flowers in the exquisite gardens. Visitors can also breathe fresh air rich in negative ions to their heart’s content and escape from the hustle and bustle for a while.

Travel Tips

Address:Yanyang Town, Meixian County, Meizhou, Guangdong Province

Transportation:Take bus 7 from the Meixian County to the last bus stop (Yannanfei).

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