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Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is a large Chinese ancient art museum. Its abundant and high-quality collections win itself a grand reputation at home and abroad. The museum has a 2,800-square-meter exhibition area, with 12 themed exhibition halls, encompassing 21 subjects that range from bronze ware, chinaware, calligraphy, painting, jade and ivory ware, bamboo, wooden and lacquer ware, oracle bones, royal seals, and ethnic craft, with the exhibitions on bronze ware, chinaware, calligraphy and painting as main features.

The majority of the best works of chinaware in Southern China are collected here. The collection of fine-carving pottery of the Liangzhu culture from the prehistoric era is a rare collection and the collection of primitive celadon ware is also a major specialty of the museum.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 201 People’s Avenue, Huangpu District, Shanghai City

Transportation:1. Subway: Take Subway Line 1, 2 or 8, get off at the People’s Square Station, and walk the rest of the way on foot. 2. Bus: Take Bus No. 46, 145, 952 or the Suidao Line 6.

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