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Linhai Stone Park

Linhai Stone Park is one of the few national geological parks in Heilongjiang Province and the core tourist area of the Tangwang River National Park. It is located on a high ground of the Lesser Khingan Mountains and near the Tangwang River. It was named because of the thousands of peculiarly shaped rocks there. These rocks used to be a layer of deposited granite which were squeezed and raised by plate movement over billions of years and acquired strange and unique forms due to long-term exposure to sunlight and rain.

It is the uncanny workmanship of nature that has created the charm of Linhai Stone Park. In addition to strange rocks in various forms, there are also many towering ancient trees and all sorts of animals and plants. When walking in forest, visitors can listen to the chirping of pleasant birds and breathe in the fragrance of fresh grass. In the spring and summer, the azaleas are in full bloom. The beauty of Linhai Stone Park is worth seeing.


Travel Tips

Address:Tangwanghe District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province

Transportation:Take bus 4 (which terminates at Red Flag Tree Farm) at Yichun Railway Station; get off near the checkpoint on the Yichun-Hegang Highway, and then take a taxi to the park (about 9 minutes).

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