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Mogao Caves

Located in the west of the Gansu Corridor, the Mogao Caves are renowned for their exquisite murals and statues in the Dunhuang Caves. Known as the "Oriental Louvre", discoveries in the caves were considered the most valuable cultural findings of the 20th century. Built in the Sixteen Kingdoms period before the rise of the Qin Dynasty, the site went through constructions of many dynasties such as the Sixteen Kingdoms, Northern Dynasties, Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties, Western Xia Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty. Today the site has finally become a site of a colossal area with 735 grottos, a 45,000-square-meter mural space and 2,415 colored sculptures, making it the largest existing and most rich in content example of Buddhist art in the world.

The discovery of the Library Cave in modern times has revealed over 50,000 ancient cultural relics and has derived the Dunhuang Studies, a whole new field of specialized research into ancient manuscripts and Dunhuang art, from the findings. In 1961, the Dunhuang Caves were included in the first batch of the Major Historical and Cultural Sites Protected at the National Level. In December 1987, the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, Gansu, were recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travel Tips

Address:Near the eastern bluff of the Mingsha Mountain which is 25 kilometers to the southeast of Dunhuang City, Gansu, China

Transportation:Visitors who want to visit the Mogao Caves need to first go to the Digital Exhibition Center of Mogao Caves where any tour begins and ends. 1. The digital exhibition center is located about one kilometer from the west of the Dunhuang Train Station. Visitors can walk to the Caves from the station. 2. The city center of Dunhuang can be reached via the special bus line at the train station which costs 3 RMB/person. 3. Getting to Dunhuang from the city center by taxi costs around 20 RMB.

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