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Maijishan Grottoes

Maijishan is located in the Maiji District of Tianshui City, Gansu. It is a 142-meter-high isolated peak amongst the Xiaolong Mountains which got its name from the wheat-stacked shape. The Maijishan Grottoes were built between AD 384 and AD 417 and are comprised of 221 caves, 10,632 clay sculptures and a mural area of over 1,300 square meters. The caves are renowned for their exquisite clay sculptural art and are known as the museum of Oriental sculptural art.

The Maijishan Scenic Area is made up of five scenic areas, Maiji Mountain, Xianren Cliffs, Shimen Mountain, the Crooked Creek and Jieting Hot Springs with over 180 scenic spots. It boasts an abundant biological and botanic species, and so is known as the "King of Forests and Springs in Gansu". Since the Maiji Mountain is considered to have profound touristic value, it is often described as a dazzling pearl of art on the golden travel route along the ancient Silk Road as well as an outstanding tourist attraction with great development potential.

Travel Tips

Address:Maijishan Scenic Area, 2 Quanhu Rd., Maiji District, Tianshui City

Transportation:1. Take bus 34 from Tianshui City to its final stop at the Maijishan car park to arrive at the Maijishan Scenic Area for around 6 RMB. 2. Take bus 5 from Tianshui City to Maijishan Station to arrive at the Maijishan Scenic Area for around 6 RMB. 3. After arriving at the entrance to Maijishan Scenic

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