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The Mount Danxia

Mount Danxia is the Chinese equivalent of Red Rocks Park which locates in Shaoguan City’s Renhua County and Zhenjiang District in Guangdong. It is the largest and most beautiful scenic area and site of natural heritage in Guangdong, with the Danxia landform its main feature. It is one of the four most famous mountains in Guangdong alongside the Dinghu Mountain, Mount Luofu and Mount Xiqiao.

Of the 1,200 known examples of Danxia landform in the world, the Mount Danxia is the most typical, comprehensive, abundant and exquisite. The scenic area boasts the unique, almost holy, scenic spots of Yangyuan Stone, Yinyuan Stone, Shuangru Stone, Sleeping Beauty and so on, giving it its title as the "natural museum of sex culture".

Travel Tips

Address:Renhua County, Shaoguan City

Transportation:There is a special tourist bus to Danxia from the train station (leaving every 15 minutes and costing 15 RMB per person) that takes visitors directly to the Mount Danxia New Gate and takes around 50 minutes.

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