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Libo Karst

Libo Karst is located in Libo County in the southeast of Guizhou and is a typical example of cone karst rock formation that spans the Guizhou Plateau and Guangxi Basin. It is renowned as a classic example of south Chinese karst.

As a nominee for a World Heritage Site, Libo Karst meets many of the standards set for World Natural Heritage Sites. The peaks and needles of karst landscape are well ordered and an excellent exhibit of geomorphic evolution and change. Libo Karst boasts a unique forest ecosystem and explicit biodiversity, and acts as the habitat for many endangered animals and plant species. It is a perfect example of the geological evolution and biological and ecological processes of continental and Asian tropical cone karst formations.

In 2007, Libo Karst was recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site.

Travel Tips

Address:Libo County in southeast Guizhou

Transportation:Visitors can take the bus from Libo to Jinchengjiang and get off after the Bake Inspection Station or Wangtong, and walk to the scenic area form there.

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