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Shibing Karst

Shibing Karst is located in the north of Shibing County on the boundaries of the Yuntai Mountain, the Shanmu River Scenic Area and the Shanmu River Water Conservation Area. The area covers a total of 282.95 square kilometers, of which 102.8 square kilometers lie at its core with another 180.15 square kilometers around the buffer zone.

Shibing Karst is a perfectly preserved example of dolomite karst formation, with its structure, landform, caves, underground water system and other geological remains, making it an outstanding example of tropical dolomite karst in the world. The terrain is cragged and creates differing climates from its valleys to its peaks. The soil environment is home to an ecological system of forests, rivers and caves and has a coverage rate of 93.95%.

In 2014, Shibing Karst was recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site.

Travel Tips

Address:Libo County in southeast Guizhou

Transportation:Visitors can take the bus from Libo to Jinchengjiang and get off after the Bake Inspection Station or Wangtong, and walk to the scenic area.

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