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Western Qing Tombs

The Western Qing Tombs were built in 1730 and were the resting place for four Qing Dynasty emperors, the Yongzheng Emperor, the Jiaqing Emperor, the Daoguang Emperor and the Guangxu Emperor, as well as over 80 concubines. It is the largest, most well-preserved and architecturally complete ancient imperial mausoleum complex in China. The architecture of the mausoleums here is grand and imposing with exquisite shrines, spirit ways and sculptures. Luxurious decorations adorn within the mausoleums, allowing visitors to view and understanding of history. The scenic area enjoys a 68% forest coverage rate and beautiful ecological environment.

Travel Tips

Address:Xiling Town, Yi County, Baoding City

Transportation:Visitors heading to the Western Qing Tombs will first have to arrive in Yi County’s county capital before taking a bus or a taxi to the site. When onsite, visitors can get around by electric vehicles or rent bicycles.

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