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Hushan Great Wall

Hushan Great Wall was constructed in the fifth year of the Chenghua era (1469) in the Ming Dynasty and represents the beginning of the eastern section of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall as well as a scenic spot along the Yalü River, that looks out over the waters to enamoring DPRK's Yuchi Island and the ancient Sinuiju City.

Hushan Great Wall enjoys great scenery and was one of the eight top attractions of Andong (of Andong (old name for Dandong). There are 28 scenic spots here that include a section of the Great Wall, a sleeping Buddha and Tiger's Jaws Cliff and is a great scenic area on the outskirts of Dandong. The landscape is elegant, with crystal blue waters, a comfortable climate and beautiful scenery. Situated next to a river, Hu’er Mountain's unique peak rises above the waters and hills, precipitous and straight. The Great Wall climbs along the mountains contours to the peak and views of two different countries can be seen from its heights.

Travel Tips

Address:Intersection between 319 Provincial Highway and Binhai Road, Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, Dandong, Liaoning

Transportation:Bus 15 can be taken from Dandong City.

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