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Qufu Ming Dynasty Ancient City

Qufu Ming Dynasty Ancient City is located on Jingxuan West Road in Qufu City, Shandong, and boasts the three Confucian attractions of the Temple of Confucius, the Kong Family Mansion and the Cemetery of Confucius.

The Temple of Confucius is the largest ancient architectural complex in China apart from the Forbidden City and is a classic example of the large ancient Chinese ancestral temple complex and one of the three largest ancient complexes in China that enjoys important status in world architectural history. The Kong Family Mansion was the residence of Confucius' direct decedents and the governmental residence of the Duke Yansheng (hereditary title of the direct descendants of Confucius). The Cemetery of Confucius is where Confucius and his direct descendants were buried. With over 100,000 tombs, the Cementery of Confucius has become the oldest and largest family cemetery in the world.

Travel Tips

Address:Ming Dynasty Ancient Town, Qufu City, Shandong

Transportation:Take bus 1 in Qufu to the "Science City" Station and walk 100 meters to get there.

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