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The Huanglong Scenic Area is located in Songpan County in Sichuan's Ngawa Xizang and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and consists of the Huanglong and Muni valleys.

Huanglong itself is made up primarily of a variety of scenic areas including Huanglong Valley, Danyun Gorge and Xuebao Peak, while Muni Valley is primarily based around the two scenic areas of Zhaga Waterfall and Erdao Lake. The area is known for its ancient Buddhist Huanglong Temple and is celebrated for its colorful pools, snow mountains, gorges and forests. It is the only perfectly preserved plateau wetland in China.

In December 1992, Huanglong National Scenic Area was recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Travel Tips

Address:Seercuo Village, Songpan County, Ngawa Xizang and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan

Transportation:There is an airport express bus from Huanglong Airport to Huanglong Scenic Area and Jiuzhaigou Valley. It stops in Huanglong's main valley for four hours and is cancelled if there are not many tourists. Songpan County and Chuanzhusi Town: There are buses pass Huanglong everyday. Jiuzhaigou Valley to Huanglong: Two busses every day.

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