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The Tianshan Mountains of Xinjiang

The Tian Mountains of Xinjiang is comprised of three mountain ranges, with Northern Tian Shan, Central Tian Shan and Southern Tian Shan running from north to south. The range stretches for over 2,500 kilometers from east to west and is 250 to 350 kilometers wide from south to north. To its west is the Sino-Kazakhstan border, to its east lies Xingxingxia and it runs for a length of 1,700 kilometers inside of China.

Tian Shan incorporates an area that is one third the size of Xinjiang, boasts thick forests, broad grasslands, numerous mountain systems and is known as Xinjiang's "cradle of life". Bogda Peak within the mountain range at an altitude of 5,445 meters towers over the range and is collectively known as the "Three Snow Sea Peaks" alongside two other peaks at 5,287 and 5,213 meters, which is a famous symbol of Xinjiang.

Travel Tips

Address:Within Fukang City (roughly 110 kilometers east of Urumchi), Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture

Transportation:First, take the bus to Fukang City from Urumchi Northern Suburb Passenger Station and then take a direct local minibus from there.

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