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Confucius Temple - Qinhuai River Scenic Belt

The Confucius Temple - Qinhuai River Scenic Belt centers on the Confucius Temple ancient architecture complex and spreads along ten miles of the inner Qinhuai River. The Belt starts from East Shuiguan Park to the east and concludes with West Shuiguan Park (now called Shui Ximen) to the west. The Qinhuai River, the “mother river” of Nanjing, is the cradle of ancient Nanjing culture. The inner Qinhuai River which runs for five kilometers and is historically called the “ten miles of Qinhuai,” owns the best scenery along the river. Natural landscapes, mountains and waters and gardens, temples and academies, streets and residences, customs and folk culture all contribute to its reputation as a national scenic area.

The Confucius Temple - Qinhuai River Scenic Belt contains over 2000 years of urban development as well as the accumulation of the history and culture of Nanjing. It is the earliest and most important origin of Nanjing city, and at the same time the most prosperous cultural and commercial center in the history of Nanjing. It witnesses the glorious history of Nanjing. Along the banks of the Qinhuai River, the biggest and best preserved barbican in the world, Zhonghua Gate Barbican can be found; there’s the Zhanyuan Garden, renowned as the top garden in Nanjing; and the biggest imperial examination facility in Chinese ancient history, the Jiangnan Examination Hall (Gongyuan), and so forth. The top historic and cultural river is the Qinhuai River which has become a signature tourist attraction of Nanjing. A night tour on the river is a classic tourist activity in Nanjing.

Travel Tips

Address:Take Line 3 and get off at Confucius Temple station. Take exit 2 and walk along Pingjiangfu Road to Confucius Temple.

Transportation:Take bus 1 or 31 and get off at Confucius Temple station; take bus 2, 16, 44, 49, 202, 302, or G5 and get off at the Zhanyuan Road station; Take bus 14, 23, 33, 43, 63, 81, 87, 701 or 703 and get off at First City Hospital station.

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