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Huzhu Tu Minority Tourism Area

The Tu Minority Hometown Park is located in Weiyuan Town, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, Haidong, Qinghai Province. The scenic area includes five core attractions, namely Tianyoude Source of Chinese Barley Wine, Rainbow Tribe Tu Minority Park, Nadun Manor, Western Tu Minority Folk Culture Village, and Xiaozhuang Tu Minority Folk Culture Village. These attractions showcase the colorful Tu folk culture, profound barley wine culture, old distilled wine culture, ancient and pristine architectural culture, unique folk residence culture, and the ancient, mysterious religious culture, respectively. Fully reflecting the purest and most authentic Tu culture, Tu Minority Hometwn Park is a tourist resort integrating sightseeing, vacationing, cultural experiences, and religious pilgrimages, as well as the first choice for domestic and foreign tourists to obtain a complete understanding of the Tu minority folk culture.


Travel Tips

Address:Northeastern Qinghai Province

Transportation:The park is 50 km away from Xining Airport and transportation there is convenient

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