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Mawei Shipping Culture Museum

Mawei Shipping Culture Museum is also known as the Dockyard Culture Museum of China. It’s located on Zaozhong Road in Mawei District of Fuzhou at the eastern foot of Maxian Mountain. It is the first museum of dockyard affairs in China.

The five-story museum is built by the mountain. The space within the museum is divided into the lobby, the dockyard general hall, dockyard educational area, dockyard industry hall, navy foundation hall, and the dockyard hall of notables. The museum covers an area of 4,100 square m. The front facade is made of two magnificent sailing warships.

The Mawei Shipping Culture Museum guides tourists in learning more about the history of the development of Chinese ships.

Travel Tips

Address:Eastern Foot of Maxian Mountain, Zaozhong Road, Mawei District, Fuzhou (near Majiang Haizhan Memorial Hall).

Transportation:Take bus 73, 116, 131, 139 and 180 to Gangkou Road station.

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