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Gushan Mountain

Gushan Mountain is located in the east of Fuzhou and north of the Minjiang River, about 8 kilometers from downtown. It’s the most famous scenic area in Fuzhou. The highest peak of Gushan Mountain is 870.3 meters above sea level. There are numerous scenic spots on the mountain. The quiet and beautiful woods and ravines are marvelous.

Gushan Mountain centers on the ancient Yongquan Temple, with the Huilong Pavilion, Lingyuan Cave and over 20 other spots to the east; there are over dozens of caves and ravines, including the great 18 to the west. There are arhat terraces, Xianglu Peak and 50 more spots to the south; and 45 more spots including Dading Peak and Baiyun Cave to the north. All the spots are granites formed through denudation, weathering, collapsing, and accumulating into all kinds of landscapes, such as peach gardens, bamboo shoot peaks, the eight immortals rock, the water drinking rock, and more.

Travel Tips

Address:Gushan Mountain Scenic Area, Gushan Township, Jin’an District, Fuzhou

Transportation:Take bus 7, 29, 36, 40, 58, 69, 70, 73, 97, 108, 131, 137, 170, 302 or 303 to Xiayuan Station, and then walk about 1 kilometer.

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