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Pavilion of Prince Teng (or Tengwang Pavilion)

The Pavilion of Prince Teng is located on Yanjiang Rd. to the northwest of Nanchang City, on the east bank of Ganjiang River. It’s known as the best pavilion in the western Jiangnan area. Along with the Yellow Crane Tower in Hubei Province and Yueyang Tower in Hunan Province, it’s one of the Three Pavilions in Jiangnan.

The main structure of the Pavilion of Prince Teng is a wood-like structure of the Song Dynasty’s architecture style, highlighting its grand and spectacular stance to the river and the city. The main building has 9 stories, with 2 stories being foundation and 7 stories above that. From the outside, the 7 stories on top only appear to be 3 stories. On both the south and north sides of the pavilion, there are two small pavilions, Yajiang and Yicui, connected to the main building. The main building features red pillars and green tiles, painted rafters and clinging beams, crossbeams and columns interconnected with one another, and exquisitely carved doors and windows. The facade of the building forms the character “山(mountain in Chinese)” in an uprising manner, while the surface area of the building resembles a roc with spreading wings.

The Pavilion of Prince Teng we see now was built on October 8th of 1989. Two corridors were adopted to connect the two pavilions, south and north, to the main building. By Ganjiang River and facing Xishan Mountain, there is a grand view from the Pavilion. The rebuilt building is only a hundred meters away from its original site in the Tang Dynasty.

Travel Tips

Address:58# Fanggu Street, Donghu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

Transportation:Take the 2-inner ring, 7, 26-inner ring, or 302-inner ring buses to Pavilion of Prince Teng station.

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