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Home of the Yellow Emperor

The Home of the Yellow Emperor Scenic Area is located on Xuanyuan Road of Xinzheng city. This is the place where domestic and overseas Chinese return to find their roots, and pay respect to the founder of Chinese culture, the Yellow Emperor.

The scenic area consists of five parts, the square, the ancestral hall, the exhibition of tripods and altars, the art gallery, and the birthplace of Xuanyuan (the Yellow Emperor). The layout of the scenic area emphasizes the theme of the roots of China. The gate area is elegant, the ancestral hall area is holy, the exhibition area is grand, the birthplace area is sacred, while the art gallery is interesting, which all contribute to an enriched display of the culture of the Yellow Emperor.

The scenic area has a profound cultural foundation. The Ancestor Worshiping Ceremony at the Home of the Yellow Emperor in Xinzheng was listed as one of the first items of National Intangible Cultural Heritage under protection. The annual ceremony is a grand event.

Travel Tips

Address:Xuanyuanqiu, No. 1 Xuanyuan Road, Xinzheng City, Henan Province

Transportation:Take Bus 101 in Xinzheng to the Home of the Yellow Emperor Station, walk for about 10 minutes to the destination.

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